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Commerce International

Small Village Worldwide (SVW) créé en 2007 est une branche de la société de conseil marocaine, ORH Groupe, société de conseil an management marocaine qui a étendu ses services.

The CEO saw an opportunity and a need in the private sector to aid Moroccan companies in taking full advantage to the Free Trade Agreement with the United States .

SVW is a private Moroccan consulting firm that gives technical assistance to Moroccan companies in various sectors who would like to trade with the United States . SVW acts as an importer/broker for Moroccan and American Companies that would like to trade with one and another. We give marketing and client research with recommendation of product adaptation. We identify potential importers on both sides when there is a specific request .

SVW is comprised of a small group of individuals based in the United States and in Morocco to maximize productivity. The home office is located in the bustling city of Casablanca , Morocco .

SVW strives and delivers over and beyond performances in all phases of import and export activities. We locate the greatest source with superior quality to fulfill your specific need at the best price. SVW can help your company find a buyer, a niche market, identify opportunities, and provide technical assistance to take advantage of the FTA agreement signed between the United States and Morocco in 2004. We are broker agents for clients at either end of the ocean finding you the right product at the right price.

SVW also work with Moroccan investors to bring in North American Franchises. We do the research and due diligence for both parties to create the perfect match of investment. SVW also work as consultants for the Moroccan investors to help facilitate the installation of the franchise in Morocco.

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